York offers a lot of historic architectures, cultural entertainment and modern day sporting entertainment. There are plenty of great hotels in York.


Below are the best budget hotels that can be found in York:


A. Safestay York


This hotel used to be a historic Georgian building that is close to the city walls. This hotel is bright and offers budget friendly rooms. They have private double rooms that cost about 60. They also have dorms that has twin sized bunkbeds that has televisions and they also have private double room that has a feature bed. You need to add additional 4 if you want to have continental breakfast. Their rooms range from 14-60


B. The Bar Convent


This is an unusual york hotels because it is located across of the railway station and it was the oldest convent since it was founded in the year 1686. The entrance is in the style of the Victorian winter garden.  The beds in the rooms are very luxurious and their bathrooms have mosaic tiles. The hotel has an all-day cafe and a chapel that you can visit anytime you want. The rate of the rooms is about 95.


C. The Bloomsbury


This is a very snazzy bed and breakfast it is located near Clifton Green, it is a 15-minute walk from the center of the city. This bed and breakfast is very elegant since it highlights a certain period like the sweeping 1870 staircases. The goal of the owners is to make sure that their customers will really feel at home and want to really get out of the city. The rooms have bright and bold wallpapers and metallic colored curtains. The bathrooms of the rooms has a modern design.  They offer delicious English breakfast. The price range from 70. Checkout more about hotels here:


D. Hotel Indigo York


This is a very lovely and greatly designed boutique hotel.  The hotel used to be a brewery. The decorative touches and furnishings of the hotel reflects the history of the building. Some of the facilities of the hotel is a bar and a fitness studio. The rooms has wide and comfortable beds, they also have complimentary fridge that has a lot of delicious treats such as chocolates.  The rate of the rooms is about 87.


E. Grange Hotel



The location of this york hotels city centre is the best since it is only a 5 minute walk to the city. The interior design of the hotel is Georgian style. They offer 36 spacious bedrooms. They have rooms that are very comfortable and very pleasing. The rate of the room is about 109.